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Vitamin G - Enjoyment and flavour

Star-level enjoyment and flavour!

Word has gotten around that healthy nutrition tastes good – very good in fact. At GROSSMARKT HANNOVER we have known this for a long time. Nothing is left to chance here regarding enjoyment and flavour.

High product standards, sophisticated hygiene management and numerous controls ensure outstanding quality quasi from the ground up. A perfect infrastructure developed over the years ensures that fresh, varied and high quality products are consistently available. Buyers form the final link in the natural selection chain – proven experts for whom the best is only just good enough.

Around eight million tons of fresh products are turned over this way in Germany’s wholesale markets year after year. High quality fruit and vegetables account for 85 per cent of that. 15 per cent – still more than a million tons – is made up of seafood, meat and other foods of the best quality.

In view of this freshness, diversity and quality of ingredients, there are virtually no limits to the culinary possibilities. No wonder that high-end gastronomy in particular values what GROSSMARKT HANNOVER has to offer: vitamin G also represents star-level enjoyment and flavour.