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Our history

A genuine success story

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER has become an institution, not only in Lower Saxony’s state capital but meanwhile also far beyond the region. The sod was turned in 1955 for the fruit and vegetable wholesale market with space for 56 wholesalers and more than 100 producers. Finally the day came on 4 July 1958 when the wholesale market opened its doors Am Tönniesberg site in Hanover, back then with 70,000 square metres of space. The operator, then and now:

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER GMBH. What makes us special: the shareholders are wholesalers and producers who are active in the wholesale market. An area of 18,000 square metres was roofed in 1998 for buying and parking without getting wet. Today the wholesale market site covers 230,000 square metres.

This emphasises the genuine success story of GROSSMARKT HANNOVER, which has become one of the largest of its kind across Germany. Local operations supply farmer’s markets, gastronomy and food retailers with outstanding products.


Producers, wholesalers, importers and retailers in conjunction with the municipal administration decide to relocate the wholesale market from its former down town location Am Klagesmarkt to the Tönniesberg on the city’s outskirts.


The sod is turned for the fruit and vegetable wholesale market with space for 65 wholesalers and more than 100 producers. The builder and operating company is the “Fruchtgroßmarkt-Verwaltungsgesellschaft”.


On July 4th the new GROSSMARKT HANNOVER opens its doors at the Am Tönniesberg site with 70,000 m² of space.

Founding of GROSSMARKT HANNOVER GMBH which takes over the operation of GROSSMARKT HANNOVER. The shareholders are wholesalers and producers who are active in the wholesale market. Wholesalers and producers make up the company’s management board on equal terms.


All of the wholesale halls are already filled. Two banana ripening facilities are built in the second construction phase. The green space between the fruit sheds is also developed, creating new stall space for direct marketing producers.


A new flower wholesale market hall with corresponding parking space is inaugurated. Previously flowers were traded in one of the fruit halls. It is operated by Blumen IG/Blumengroßmarkt Hannover GmbH.


A major private service station opens its service area directly at the wholesale market. Heating systems, climate chambers, cold rooms and freezer rooms are installed to keep perishable goods fresh longer. The telecommunication and telex network is further expanded as well.


After 10 years, a total area of 110,000 m² on the wholesale market site has been opened and partly developed.


METRO opens its cash & carry market at the wholesale market, offering a variety of products to independent business operators.


The turnover at GROSSMARKT HANNOVER increases steadily. Around 450 tons of fruit and vegetables are sold at the market every day.


Construction of a recycling centre with waste sorting according to the requirements of the Packaging Directive (VerpackV).


A roof over 18,000 m² of space is constructed between the six marketing halls of the fruit and vegetable market to protect against the weather. The 18,000 m² glass roof creates the largest roofed open area in northern Germany.


Sorting and sustainable disposal of all waste on the wholesale market site in accordance with the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrW-AbfG).


Takeover of the flower wholesale market and operation on own account.


Founding of ATTRAKTIVE WOCHENMÄRKTE GMBH and operation of farmer’s markets in the Hanover region and beyond.


Regular events held by GROSSMARKT HANNOVER GMBH in the flower hall.




Flower hall renovation/rehabilitation.

2015Conversion of the disposal system, free cardboard/paper, foil, untreated wood and plastic drop-off for business operators.


Conversion of the roadway lighting to LED.