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We supply the region

Buying made easy

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER is the central trade and logistics platform for the regional supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and many other products. The GROSSMARKT HANNOVER catchment area covers a range of about 100 kilometres and more than 3 million consumers around Hanover. With 230,000 square metres of space and over 1,000 employees of the companies located here, we are among the five largest markets of this kind in all of Germany.

We do not sell to private end consumers but only to commercial customers. These include:

  • Gastronomy operations, cafeterias and bulk buyers
  • Retailers/speciality shops – from kiosks to supermarkets
  • Farmer’s market

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER with its diversity of incomparably fresh, quality products is unique in the state. That is why you as a customer can look forward to a large and colourful selection that is guaranteed to satisfy.

The convenient location in Hanover and the good infrastructure facilitate fast buying for wholesale market customers as well as quick loading and unloading for delivery traffic. Many of the companies based here also supply their customers directly.

As an active member of Netzwerk GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte e.V., GROSSMARKT HANNOVER is also involved beyond the region in supplying consumers with varied and high-quality fresh products, healthy nutrition and sustainable management.

You too can benefit from the numerous buying advantages here at GROSSMARKT HANNOVER!

Hours of operation:

Fruit and vegetable wholesale market: Monday - Saturday from 3.00
Flower wholesale market: Monday - Saturday from 5.00