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Quality and freshness

Inspected freshness and quality

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER stands for outstanding quality and guaranteed freshness.

The state capital of Hanover is located in central Lower Saxony, Germany’s number 1 agricultural state, giving it an important site advantage. Thus the quality and freshness of many fruit and vegetable products is assured due to short delivery routes within the range of local agriculture. Producers harvest field crops in the afternoon and market them at GROSSMARKT HANNOVER that night. Short distances are guaranteed.

An international flair is naturally part of a well assorted wholesale market. Many products that cannot be grown in the region, for example due to the climate, come from abroad. Numerous merchants maintain close business relationships with high-quality producers and importers from many parts of the world.

The wholesalers based here also pay attention to the very best quality in their selections. That is why products are increasingly being ordered from midsize and small producers. These operations focus on the flavour of fruit and vegetables, rather than artificially accelerating the ripening process through mass production methods. One can taste the difference.

In addition to regular inspections of the wholesale market by the veterinary authorities, many operations have joined a testing group. These operations oblige themselves to regularly submit samples of goods to an accredited laboratory that examines them for residues.

GROSSMARKT HANNOVER stands for freshness and quality you can taste!